1879/80 Sheffield Football Association Challenge Cup

First Round

18 October 1879

Second Round.

15 November 1879

Third Round

13 December

Extra Round

10 January 1880



20 March 1880.

Pyebank 0 ~ 2 Staveley

At Fox Street

Staveley 8

Newfield 0

Recreation Ground, Staveley





Exchange 1

At Quibell’s Field. (near Hyde Park.)

Staveley 2

Ecclesfield 0

Sheaf House Ground.

6 March

About 1,500.

Staveley 3


G. Marples,

H. Marples)

Heeley 1


Sheaf House Ground.



W.E. Clegg, and Skinner.#


Mr . W.P. Dix.

Broomhall 1 ~ 2 Newfield

At Sheaf House

Hunslet 0 ~ 2 Middlesbrough

At Hunslet

Middlesbrough 0

Sheffield Exchange 1

At Linthorpe-road

Nearly 1,000

Sheffield Exchange 2

Chesterfield 1

Sheffield Exchange 1

Sheffield Wednesday 0

At Quibell’s Field

Wednesbury Strollers 1

Chesterfield 1

At Wednesbury.  Note 3

Chesterfield 5

Norfolk 1

At New Recreation Ground, Chesterfield.

Norfolk 2 ~ Alliance 1

At Norfolk Park

Ecclesfield 4 ~ 0 Elsecar

At Ecclesfield



Ecclesfield 4

Phoenix Bessemer 0

At Ecclesfield

Millhouses 1 ~ 1Darnall

At Millhouses

Holmes 5 ~ 0 Kimberworth

At Holmes

Holmes 7

Phoenix Bessemer 0

On Holmes Ground

Note 4

Phoenix Bessemer  4 ~ 1 Carnforth

At Clifton Lane, Rotherham

Heeley 4 ~ 0 Endcliffe

At Bramall Lane, about 500

Heeley 6

Albion 0

At Bramall Lane. 2,000

Heeley 2

Attercliffe 0

At Meersbrook Park (Heeley)

Heeley 9

Providence 1

Bramall Lane.

21 February.

“Very large attendance.”

Albion 1 ~ 1 Walkley

At Abbeydale Road

Attercliffe v. Saxons

  Note 1

Attercliffe 2

Talbot 1

At Park Hill Lane

Talbot v Sharrow Rangers

  Note 2

Parkwood Springs  0 ~ 1 Providence

At Shirecliffe Lane

Providence 3

All Saints 0

At Hyde Park

Providence 2

Spital 2

At Hyde Park

Owlerton 0 ~ All Saints 3

At Owlerton

Whittington Rovers 0 ~ 6 Spital

At Whittington

Spital 4

Hallam 0

On Spital Ground, C.field

Surrey 0 ~ Hallam 4

At Hunters Bar

Cleveland Team competing ~~ Middlesbrough

Note 1 - “Attercliffe takes a forfeit from the Saxons.”

Note 2 - “Talbot takes a forfeit from Sharrow Rangers.”

Note 3 - Wednesbury Strollers object to Evans and Owens playing for Chesterfield. No action as objection submitted too late.

Note 4 - Holmes club disqualified

The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent, Saturday, October 25, 1879.
    TO THE EDITOR. -- Has it occurred to the minds of the executive of the Sheffield Football Association that a difficulty, and probably some unpleasantness, may arise in consequence of such a remote club as Middlesbro' being admitted into the cup competition? The affair ought to have been localised. How many clubs are there now left in the contest who, in the event of their being drawn with Middlesbro', and losing the toss for choice of ground, are prepared to spend probably £10 in expenses and lose a whole day to play the match? Unless the association intend to pay the expenses (or a very great portion) of the club pitted against Middlesbro', every delegate at the next meeting should strongly protest against that club being allowed to be drawn in the next ties. I know the funds of a great many clubs in the association are in very low water, and I do not think their most ardent admirers would come to their aid on such an absurd errand as going to Middlesbro', throwing more money away at a single match than would pay a whole season’s expenses. -- Yours truly,
    Staveley, Oct. 24, 1879.                      OFF-SIDE.
The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent (Sheffield, England), Friday, February 06, 1880;
    A meeting of the Cup Committee of the above association was held last evening, at the Imperial Hotel. For the purpose of deciding an objection which had been made against the Spital Club, in the competition for the Challenge Cup. The objection was that Wilkinson was not a legitimate member of the Spital Club, but evidence was produced to prove the contrary, and the committee decided that the Spital team be still allowed to contend.